Otis Tyron McKane Wiki, Bio, Age, Ethnicity and Facts

Do you want to know about the Otis Tyron McKane wiki and bio details on the web? Otis Tyron McKane is taken into the police custody for the involvement in the death case of Officer Benjamin Marconi. He is a 31 years old criminal and was arrested for the death case. Benjamin Marconi was the officer in the San Antonio, Texas. He was arrested by the police on November 21, 2016. The peoples of the city want to know about the Otis Tyron McKane details. Read more about the Otis Tyron McKane wiki, bio, age and facts below in the post.

Otis Tyron McKane Wiki

Name: Otis Tyron McKane
Ethnicity: Black / African
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Nationality: United States
Age: 31
Parents: Not Known

Background Details

He lives in the city of San Antonio, Texas and arrested by the police. He now received the punishment for the case. He jailed for the 60 years in 2012. This shows that he belongs to criminal background. He did many such assaults and illegal works in the past. He holds the American nationality and belongs to the Black / African ethnicity. There are not sufficient details available about the criminal now and check more facts about him below.

More Facts

He was arrested when found passenger in the car that was not identified on November 21, 2016. He is taken into the custody for the involvement in the death case of slain San Antonio, Texas Officer Benjamin Marconi. There are not more details available right now. Keep in touch for more news and updates here.


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