Narcos Season 2 Cast Things You Need to Know

Netflix is the hub of the latest series and serials in the United States. This time another time worthy serial coming on it. Yes, this post deals about the latest Narcos Season 2 cast and huge number of fans searching for the “Narcos season 2 cast”. The serial is based on the life of Pablo Escobarand and fans are looking for the Pablo Escobar wiki and family details on the web. This article article will be the worth for you to read because he read about the “Narcos season 2 cast” and Pablo Escobar details. Narcos is back again with more exciting entertainment thrills. The show is on the run and you can watch it on Netflix. Those who don’t about it then read here about what’s new in the Narcos season 2.

narcos season 2 cast

Who is Pablo Escobar? Yes, Pablo Escobar was the drug lord and most wanted criminal in Columbia. The story of the season 2 series is written on the life of him. The series pictures out the situation of the drug smuggling in countries. The show is very interesting and full of thriller. Pablo Escobar is a famous personality in the criminal world. In the real life, he was shot in 1993 by the Colombian police. The series is produced by the Chris Brancato, Doug Mito and Carlo Bernard. The first season came on August 28, 2015 on Netflix which was comprising short episodes. The Narcos season 2 was finally released on September 02, 2016 on Netflix. The fans started looking for the Narcos season 2 cast. The story was shared by Pablo Escobar’s wife and child to the editors.

Narcos Season 2 Cast

Wagner Moura: Playing the role of Pablo Escobar who is a drug lord and mafia in the Columbia. Wagner is a Brazilian actor and worked in some of the Hollywood movies before like Elite Squad: The Enemy Within.

Pedro Pascal: He is playing the role of Javier Peña who is a DEA agent. He was also appeared in the fourth season of Game of Thrones and Bloodsucking Bastards movies.

Boyd Holbrook: Playing the role of Steve Murphy who is also a DEA agent in the series. He also played role in movies like A Walk Among the Tombstones, Milk, Run All Night and Gone Girl.

Joanna Christie: She is in the character of Steve Murphy’s wife, Connie Murphy.

Stephanie Sigman: A Colombian journalist who searching for the information about Pablo Escobar. She is playing the role of role of Valeria Vélez in the serial.

This is all about the Narcos season 2 cast details on the Netflix. You can enjoy the full show episodes online on the Netflix premium membership. The other cast members of the season 2 are Roberta Urbina, André Mattos, Maurice Compte, Jorge A. Jimenez, and Paulina Gaitán. That’s all, keep in touch for more updates and details about the entertainment news.


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