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Do you looking to know about the Max Spiers wiki and bio details. He was a conspiracy theorist who specialized in the UFOs. He was found dead on a sofa in a Poland. This incident raises many questions in front of the world investigation departments. He was 39 years old and found dead. He had visited there for the conspiracy talks and theories. His nickname was Supersoldier and hometown is located in the Canterbury, England. He is a well known British conspiracy theorist who is the father of two children. The UK government refuses to investigate about the Max Spiers death. It is also claimed that the conspiracy theorist sent the warning message to the mother before his death. The clues and actions before his death making the supporters to investigate into the situation. Read more about Max Spiers wiki, bio, age, family, theories and death details here.

max spiers wiki

Max Spiers wiki

Name: Max Spiers
Age: 39 years
Death Cause: Natural
Children: Two
Residence: Canterbury, England
Nationality: British
Nickname: Supersoldier
Death Place: Warsaw, Poland

More facts

The Go Fund Page also created after his death for the memorial service and contribution. It is believed that he is not died because of normal causes but killed by the government agents. Nick Pope tweeted that government has no matter in this incident. His mother name is Vanessa Bates who claims that he was healthy before the death. She wants the concerned departments to investigate into the matter. Max vomited black liquid before the death which also raises the questions behind the incident. Conspiracy fans think that he was killed by the agents in the room. We will update the more details soon here. Keep in touch for more news and updates here.


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