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Do you want to know about the Kayla Berg who is trending in the news due to the YouTube video and before it she was missing. She is a 15 years old teenage girl who disappeared in 2009 and belongs to the Antigo, Wisconsin. Police YouTube investigating the video and matter behind the scene because videos came after two months when she was missing. The video has more than 1 million times on the internet. Some claims that the video is related to the missing person Kayla Berg. Her mother also claimed that the girl in the video is his daughter. Read more about the Kayla Berg video below in this post.

The video is viral these days on YouTube and crossed huge number of views. The police started their investigation again on the video basis. The girl creeping in the video and there is no confirmation about the identity. It is said that video has links to the Kayla Berg. Check more details below.

Kayla Berg Video

The Kayla Berg video recently gone viral on YouTube but it was posted back in the year 2009. The police officers are investigating the video. Kayla got missed after his boyfriend drops him to the house 34 miles away in Wausau. Kayla has one older brother named Jimmy. Her parents are very much worried after missing incident but parents did not report immediately to the police. She was last seen August 11, 2009 by his friend. You can also check the video on the YouTube. Keep in touch for more updates and news.


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