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DDoS Dyn Wiki October 2016 DDos Attack Map Details

Do you want to know about the DDoS dyn wiki details on the web? There is problem since morning on October 21, 2016 about the access to some of the popular sites in United States. The problem occurred due to the DDoS attact which affected the sites Twitter, Spotify, Paypal, Reddit, Airbnb and many more. The peoples are facing problem to access the popular social site Twitter. There are more than dozens of websites are affected from it. Netflix is also in this list of the DDoS attack. Check more about the DDoS dyn wiki October 2016 attack details below.

ddos dyn wiki

DDos Dyn Wiki

DDos is a distributed denial-of-service. The attack was started at 07:00 A.M. (EDT) and second attack was at 11:52 A.M. This created a lot of problems for the users in the United States. Users reported problems during accessing the site. There are many websites affected by this attack which includes The New York Times, PayPal, Pinterest, Reddit, Runescape, Shopify, Soundcloud, Twitter, Netflix and many more. The investigation has been started by the US Department of Homeland Security. There are some hackers behind this attack but no one yet take the responsibility of the attack. Such attacks are affecting the revenue and access of the big sites in the country.

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It is not yet clear that who is behind these DDoS attacks. It is observed that bot nets were released earlier in the month by the hackers which are causing this affect. The agencies are working behind the cause of attacks. Keep in touch for more updates and news.

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